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Our Mission and Vision


The Department of American literature and Culture at Ege University aims to enable students to reach their full intellectual potential through a liberal arts education. Studying literature, language, and related humanistic disciplines equips students with the necessary skills to understand not only the ideas, attitudes, and values of their own culture but those of others as well. The objective of the program is to develop students’ ability to make critical analysis in many areas of social sciences and to be able to express their ideas orally and in written form.


As the importance of borders and boundaries has diminished in this era of internationalization and the Internet, it has seemed appropriate to bring the related disciplines of literary and cultural studies together. In an age of globalization, the department offers a wide choice of courses offering insight into both the American and the international agenda. The result of this curriculum is to encourage a comparative perspective on the world.

Over the years, we have noted that our graduates enjoy productive careers in the public and private sectors of Turkey and countries abroad, in such fields as business finance, government, international relations, education, the media, technology, and the arts, to name only a few. 

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